Friday, January 27, 2012

Our latest project

Hi Guys and Gals,

It's Friday!!!  We can't believe this week flew by so quickly!  Although it's been a hectic week, we never forget our readers and are always excited to share with you our latest creations.  Below are a few photos of our latest project.  A lot of work still needs to be done but like we mentioned in our introductory post, we love to have you join us in our crystal jewelry-making adventure and that's why we're sharing these "work-in-progress" snapshots with y'all!

While we were cleaning out our "stash", we noticed that we had an abundance amount of crystals.

*** Note to readers: CC likes to recite while she composes, and CQ likes to listen to her murmur... it's comforting... maybe?!

CQ: "Wait a minute, did you just say we had an abundance amount of crystals?"

CC: "Yeah."

CQ: "Errr, that's an understatement.  It's more like our stash is "overflowing and pouring out of our containers""

CC: "Ok!  Fine!  What do you want me to write?"

CQ: "..."

There you have it, that's how we communicate on a GOOD day (can you folks imagine what's it like on a BAD day)...

Anyhow... so getting back to this project, yeah, we noticed that our containers and kits are ALWAYS "overflowing"
and that crystals seems to explode and litter our workstation every.single.time.  Therefore, we came up with this project and we named it the "Love is Everything" bracelet.  You might think it's corny, but hey, it kinda suits our theme; with hearts, flowers, pearls etc, it gives off the vibe of everything lovey dovey sweet sweet.  Hearts representing love, flowers representing what guys usually gift their gfs with, and pearls representing the kind of jewelrey a guy would pick up and give to his babe, we can proudly justify that this bracelet has EVERYTHING that has to do with LOVE.  Plus, if you guys don't wanna go through the trouble of picking out fresh flowers, scratch your head trying to write her a love poem, or wander around AIMLESSLY (most guys think shopping is a female thing and never ever understand why we girlies try on 30 pairs of pumps and leave with nothing), then this bracelet will be the perfect gift!!!  And if she tries to hound you for not giving her a dozen of roses blah blah, then just whip out the bracelet, dangle it in her face, and point.  It's there, trust us -  See how we always look out for our readers?!?!  We love you folks and hope you'll like our creations as well!

Introducing our latest project, the "Love is Everything" bracelet:

Created for girlies who loves bling blings, this one's for you!  Of course, it's still work in progress but we guarantee you the final product will be a.m.a.z.i.n.g!  The "Love is Everything" bracelet is made up with an array of Swarovski crystals on a sterling silver chain.  The crystals are of different sizes and shapes but we try to stick with our selected colour scheme of purple.

Let's take a look (aerial view):

Side views of the bracelet:

In different lighting and angles (Yes, we know how to use a camera, but we just wanna capture the shots in this lighting so you folks can get a better view):

That's all for today!  Please remember to check back for the final product and have a great weekend everyone!



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