Saturday, January 14, 2012


Happy New Year Everyone from CC and CQ!
New Year, New Blog!

Alrighty, just a little introduction as to why this blog was created...

One beautiful Saturday afternoon, with the sun shining and the birds singing, CC and CQ went shopping when CC spotted a pair of sparkling earrings from the display:

CC: "OMG! Like, I NEED these!"
CQ: "No! You don't need these!"
CC: "Err, I do.  Listen, I can justify this purchase; after all, I DO have nine piercings..."
CQ: "Yea, and you have like how many pairs of earrings at home?!  Maybe 50?  Do you need ANOTHER pair?"
CC: (with confidence) "Ooooohh YES!"
CQ: "You are helpless!  I am going to shop next store, so yea, come look for me when you are done."

10 minutes passes and CC's cell phone rang non-stop...

CQ: "Hey listen, dont buy those earrings!!"
CC: (whines) "But why not?!?!?!?!"
CQ: "We can make our own... in whatever colour, shapes, sizes you want!"
CC: "Hmmm, like, one of a kind??"
CQ: "YES! YES! Now don't run that credit card through the machine."
CC: "Ooops, damage done." (insert sad face)
CQ: "Well, REFUND IT!"
CC: "OMG!  That's right!  What a bright idea!!" (lightbulb above head)

... so there you have it, this was how this all got started! 

Now it's YOUR turn - go grab a cushion, sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee while you're at it, and join us into our journey in the wonderful world of gems, crystals, and all the blings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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