Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Purple Crush and Rainbow Delight

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

A rather quick post today.  We would like to share with you two of our new weekend creations -  The Purple Crush Bracelet and The Rainbow Delight Bracelet.  

The Purple Crush Bracelet:

Close up views:

Like it?  Here comes another one...

The Rainbow Delight Bracelet's style is very similar to the Purple Crush Bracelet.  We know that you are probably shaking your head and thinking that we're a little crazy to name it the RAINBOW Delight Bracelet when all you see is green and black in the photos.  Trust us, the hearts actually has a rainbow hue in them.  Oh wells, you folks know what we mean... let's take a look.

The Rainbow Delight Bracelet:

See the rainbow colours?

No lies, it's really rainbow colours.

The colour is a little difficult to describe, but you guys get the point.

That's all for today and remember to check back for details on how you can be the lucky winner of the Blue Sea Bracelet.



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