Friday, February 24, 2012

The Signature "Luscious Lillian" Bracelet

Happy Friday Again Everyone!

We are doing a double post today because we wanna share with you folks yet another piece of creation!  Remember we mentioned Lady Dee in the previous entry?  Well, she's definitely a doll and gifted her dear friend Lillian with this bracelet.  Composed of Swarovski pink crystals and pearls, she is truly a showstopper!  Let's not forget to mention the purple heart... it was a special request and definitely adds an elegant touch to it!

Without further ado, let us introduce and welcome The Signature "Luscious Lillian" Bracelet to the family!!~

The Signature "Luscious Lillian" Bracelet:    

Close up views:

Section by section views:


And more importantly... our ICY Model Lillian!!!!! ©

ICY Model ©Mademoiselle Lillian©

SHOUT OUT: Thank you again for Mademoiselle Lillian and Lady Dee for your love and support!~

Stay tune for more ICY creations!



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