Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Icebergs

Hi folks,

It's the start of a new week and Happy Monday Everyone!  Let's see now... some "breaking news" we were following the arrival of spring... errr... it's not like we don't trust technological weather tracking systems, but it seems as though groundhogs are better predictors?!?!  Anyhow, we figured if winter is going to hang around for another couple of weeks, we should then introduce to y'all the Winter Icebergs Collection. 

As much as some of us like winter (hmm... snowboarding, skiing, skating, snowball fights etc...), we are sure some of you prefer the heat!  So for those who don't like to be out in the cold but still wanna get a "feel" of the winter indoors, these are for you.  

The "Icy Cold" necklace:

39mm Swarovski Verti Galactic
Brown leather cord

27mm Swarovski Verti Galactic
Sterling silver bail
Sterling silver necklace (18")

23mm Swarovski Crystal Rock
Sterling silver bail
Sterling silver necklace (18")

We hope you enjoy this collection and have a great week!

P.S. Stay warm!



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