Friday, March 16, 2012

The Signature "Glowing Darkness" Bracelet

Hi Everyone!

It's Fri- Fri- Friday!!!!!!!! YEAH!  We wanna start your weekend off with the introduction of The Signature "Glowing Darkness" Bracelet.  This was a special request from one of our readers Laurinda *waves*.  She's a very mysterious girl and wanted us to create a mysterious bracelet to match her personality.   We don't want the bracelet to be too "dark" and too "mysterious" for Laurinda, so we've decided to add some special effects crystals to bling it up!!  In a way, it totally matches her - cool image with a warm and loving personality on the inside!  Let's take a look...

The Signature "Glowing Darkness" Bracelet:

Close up views:


Have a great weekend everyone!



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