Monday, March 5, 2012

•••A Touch of Elegance•••

Happy Monday Everyone,

We hope you enjoyed your weekend!  Let us start your work week off with something different...

Many would say that pearls are more suitable to wear at parties or formal dinners.  But what about wearing it daily?  Not to worry, we have it covered with our latest creations.  "A Touch of Elegance" features pieces that can be wore every day - at work or at play!  The fusion of Swarovski pearls and crystals adds a touch of classiness to each piece. 

A Touch of Elegance Series:
The "Classic Pearl" Bracelet:

The "Wild About You" Necklace:

The "Rosaline" Bracelet:

The "Beaming Starfish" Necklace:

The "Mysterious Pearl" Necklace:

That's all for today and Happy Monday again!




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    1. Hi Mica!

      Thank you for checking back!!!!!!!! We are glad you like them! Stay tune for more!!!!


      CC & CQ