Monday, May 14, 2012

Pink Fever

Hello Everyone,

We hope you had a great weekend.  Today, we would like to show y'all a set that CC made for Ms. Cat.  We named it the Pink Fever Pendant and Earrings Set.  The colour is so fresh and summery that we're sure it will go with all of your outfits.  Let's take a look.

The Pink Fever Pendant and Earrings Set:

Close up view of the earrings:





  1. These are really cute and perfect for spring =)

    re: I didn't end up buying the black sesame mask from skinfood but the sample was really nice =) I might purchase it if I ever get the chance to stop by a store again but then again I'll probably be too distracted from all their other enticing masks!

    OMG! I really like stephy from Cookies group hahahaha I think she's just so pretty and cute but since I'm not too "in" with the HK celebrities gossip I'm sure there's loads of dirt on her =P

    Hope you're doing well!

    1. Hi suki pooki,

      Thanks for your sweet comment!~ :-)

      I know what you mean! Every time I walk into the store, I get distracted by the little jars and displays! Is there a store close to where you live? There is one in LA and it is always packed haha!

      Stephy is cute and Theresa is very pretty! I used to think Miki is cute as well! :)

      I just came back from Montreal and it was great fun! How are things on your end?