Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy "Barf"day

Hello Everyone,

Happy Hump Day!  We've made it ... halfway... yeah!  Anyhow, hang in there, we're almost there. 

Today, we would like to show y'all two necklaces that CC gifted her friends Ophilia and Celia with on their "barf"days.  Miss O turned 32 and Miss Celia turned 33... getting "a little old"...j/k.  Both ladies work hard but in very different work environment - with Miss O working as a teacher in an elementary school (stop yelling at the kids) and Miss C working in finance (stop shopping).  With these facts in mind, CC made sure that these colour combos will be suited for them to wear every single day whether at work or at play.

The Signature "I Love Kids" Necklace:

Miss O can wear them alone or together and definitely not too overwhelming in a school environment.
In addition, she can show the kids what love is all about... so yeah, no fighting at recess...

The Signature "Shop 'Til You Drop" Necklace:

Conservative enough to wear at the office and even more fun to wear on a night out!
With the money saved on buying jewellery *today*, she can go buy something else. LOL

Happy Birthday ladies... you are both one year younger! 

We love you! muah muah!